Research Programs:


Plant Pathology,



and Weed Science.

Yuma Arizona Integrated Pest Management Team Areas of Study


  • Arizona is a leading producer of vegetables winter leafy vegetable and melons
  • Desert cropping systems in Arizona are pest-intensive and growers battle a multitude of insect pests, weeds and plant diseases.
  • Furthermore, new pest problems periodically challenge the industry
  • Information to address these challenges has been historically provided by UA Extension programs.

Continual maintenance of existing IPM programs and implementation of new reduced-risk technologies will be essential for sustaining economically and environmentally sound production of high value vegetable crops in Arizona. All IPM is local-  the knowledge base necessary for training young PCAs and implementing new IPM approaches must be developed specifically for desert growing conditions.  Presently, Vegetable IPM programs in Arizona have resulted almost exclusively through the efforts of several University of Arizona Cooperative Extension (UACE) specialists and agents who have developed research-based information on pest biology, ecology, and management. 

The mission of the Arizona Vegetable IPM Updates Team (Integrated Pest Management) is to provide timely, reliable and objective information for those involved in the desert vegetable industries. Also through the UPDATES promote integration and implementation of multidisciplinary methods for developing pest management strategies.