Agronomy Updates from Jeffrey C. Silvertooth


230920 Management Proposals for Colorado River Water Management

230906 Soil Physical Properties and Health

230823 Colorado River Water and Arizona Agriculture

230713 Buckmaster RADIO INTERVIEW JEFF SILVERTOOTH (segment 31:00-54:00)

230727 The Art and Science of Crop Production

230711 Nitrogen and Water Management of Chiles

230613 Growth Development, Nutrient and Water Demand for Irrigated Chile

230503 Basic Root Development

230426 Jeff Silvertooth at the Buckmaster Radio Show segments 30:19 and 45:40

230405 Cantaloupe (Melon) Growth and Development

230322 Silvertooth Interview on the Bill Buckmaster Radio Show _segments @ 29:45 / 45:00

230322 Fertilizer Resources

230227 Colorado River Water Conservation Efforts in Arizona - SWAG Summit

230227 A Case of Study in Efficiency: Agriculture and Water Use in the Yuma Arizona Area

230227 Colorado River Water Shortage: Agricultural Perspectives - Jeff Silvertooth

230227 Colorado River: Senior Priorities and Shortage Implications for Agriculture - Bart Fisher

230208 Silvertooth Interview at Bill Buckmaster show (segments 30:44 and 45:20)

230125 Silvertooth Interview at Bill Buckmaster show (segment 30:44 and 45:20)

230125 Soil Health.. A Brief Introduction

230111 Water Management for Desert Agriculture

221228 Interview Dr Jeff Silvertooth on Buckmaster Show (Segments @ 1:34 and 15:30)

221213 Water Sortages and Crop Water Management

221121 Silvertooth Buckmaster Radio Interview: Minute 31;05 and 46:30

221031 Silvertooth Buckmaster Radio Interview: lettuce, leafy greens, water management

221101 Practical Aspects of Saline and Sodic Soil Management

221004 Tracking Crop Water Consumptive Use

220921 Silvertooth Interview Buckmaster Radio 

220921 Basic Irrigation Objectives

220907 Germination and Seedling Development

220902 Interview Silvertooth Telemundo (Spanish)

220824 Chile Crop Phenology

220824 Water and Food Security in the Desert Southwest

220815 Silvertooth Interview Buckmaster Show (Segment 30:50-45:05)

220810 Arizona Farm Bureau Interviews Dr. Jeff Silvertooth

220810 Water and Food Security in the Desert Southwest

220727 Leaching and Internal Drainage

220531 Silvertooth Interview Buckmaster show ( Segment 29:60 and 46:30)

220713 Colorado River Concerns - Jeff Silvertooth (Segment at 30:50 and 45:37)

220712 Stewardship of Water Resources

220628 Reclamation of Saline and Sodic Soils

220614 Reclamation of the Lands of the Colorado River

220601 The Colorado River - Historical Points

220518 Colorado River Water Update

220518 Colorado River Water Shortage Agricultural Implications

210504 Cantaloupe Nutrient and Water Demand

220419 Desert Cantaloupes

220406 AUDIO Jeff Silvertooth: Arizona Water


220406 Irrigating to Replenish Plant-Available Water

220328 AUDIO JEFF SILVERTOOTH CONVERSATION : Ukranian Ag and Arizona Water Situation 

220208 High Fertilizer Costs - Update and Background

220308 Ukranian Agriculture

220111 Vegetable Crop Water Use

220322 Impacts from the War in Ukraine in Fertilizer Prices

211019 Root Systems

211005 Vegetable IPM Team

211214 Nutrient Management Challenges

211101 Arizona Chiles 

211214  Colorado River Water